CBC Regathering Plan

Phase 1 – May – Exclusively Online

Through the rest of May, all worship services and ministry gatherings will take place exclusively online, as they have been.

Phase 2 – June – Primarily Online

Beginning in June, our worship service will still be tailored for those watching online, but the building will be open to those who would like to attend the Sunday service in person. There will be no greeters, passing of offering bags, or communion in the service, and the format will be the same as our online service. Additionally, no children’s ministries or Sunday School will meet at the building, 242 Groups will meet online, and other small groups and Bible studies will be free to choose to meet in person or online.

Phase 3 – July – Fuller Gatherings

Beginning in July, the worship service will shift its focus and will be geared toward those present in the building (while still available online). Greeters will be present (though we may greet without handshakes!), and we will resume communion. However, we will not have Children’s Church or other children’s ministries (Sunday School or nursery), so families with children will need to take that into consideration. Also, 242 Groups will not meet on Sunday mornings.  Small groups and Bible studies still will be free to choose to meet in person or online.

Phase 4 – August – Regathered

Beginning in August, full worship services and ministries will be active in the building, including Sunday School, adult Bible studies, 242 Groups, Children’s Church, nursery, etc. However, some groups may still choose to meet online, and that will be determined by the respective leader.

Lastly, some considerations.

  • The Sunday service will continue to be available online, indefinitely. Many thanks to our tech team (namely Byron Funk, Dave Blair, and Ted Conrad) for making that possible.
  • Those not comfortable with gathering should continue to distance, and will not be pressured during this time into meeting together.
  • We plan to cooperate with public health advisories given by our county.
  • Those particularly at risk, ill, or immunocompromised should stay home.
  • We are intentionally regathering slowly and in phases. This allows us to adjust if needed, to adequately prepare for meeting again, and to become comfortable with meeting together.
  • We will try to take reasonable measures, such as keeping the building clean and having hand sanitizer available. We will not enforce mask-wearing or distancing measures, and trust that all who attend will take personal precaution and responsibility. As in all times, we encourage everyone to wash hands regularly and take other reasonable measures.
  • Our first gatherings back will potentially be awkward. That’s ok!
  • We will all have to be considerate as we determine how best to greet one another. We’ll have to be sensitive to one another’s boundaries.
  • All of us will have different responses to distancing and gathering. Let’s fight for unity around the main things – namely the gospel of Jesus Christ – in the months ahead, and refuse to allow the enemy to divide us over lesser convictions.