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This Sunday we start a sermon series on the person, attributes, and characteristics of God. My confident hope and prayer is that God will by His grace use this time to teach us about Him. I am also confident that the practice of lifting our collective eyes off of ourselves and on to God has the power to transform how we think, feel, and live. By wrapping our minds and hearts up in the beauty and majesty and wonder of God, we slowly become more and more like Him. We imitate what we behold, and (as G. K. Beale has said) we become what we worship.

So I’m excited to start this sermon series. And as I get excited for this study, I am reminded of a track put out by my good friends and hip hop artists, Beautiful Eulogy. It is called ‘Wonderful,’ and it beautifully portrays the wonder of our God. It lifts my heart and mind to God every time I hear it, so I wanted to share it with you. Click the link below and give it a listen.


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