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Pastor's Note - September 8

Maybe contrary to what one might expect, over Labor Day weekend we actually held two worship services. The first of course being on Sunday. In addition to this, a number of us gathered down in Blairstown, MO for the baptism of Boyd Waugh at the Waugh family farm. For those who attended, it was not only a joy to see Boyd baptized, and to rejoice in the glorious weather God provided, but it was a also a joy simply to be together. So many of our church interactions are in the midst of conducting necessary business, or serving to meet a necessary goal. But on that Saturday, we had the chance simply to sit and be together for a while. Doing that, we are reminded that we enjoy the company of one another. That unstructured time of being together is good for our souls. I know this in my own family. If all we are doing together is running from place to place, we will eventually feel the relational distance. It’s in those times of unstructured presence that we find we enjoy the company of one another, and bonds deepen. Reflecting on that, I would encourage you to facilitate this in your own 242 Groups as you all begin to meet. Don’t rush into being productive as a group, or rush into study. I wouldn’t ever downplay study and learning, but I would note that we have the Sunday service and Sunday School, and other avenues, to grow in knowledge. The opportunity we have in 242 Groups is to grow in relationship (while centered on the Word and Scripture). So, as you gather together, take time to be together. Take time to enjoy one another’s company, and deepen relational bonds. As we do that, we will find it is good for our souls.

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