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Pastor's Note - September 7

Sometimes when studying theology you get to learn new fancy words. One of those fancy words is “theodicy.” Theodicy means “the vindication of God.” In practice, it is the defense of God’s goodness and omnipotence in view of the existence of evil. Theodicy answers the question of how God could be good and omnipotent when evil exists. How could a good and powerful God allow evil? A “theodicy” will answer that question. That was on my mind because the end of Malachi is a theodicy. Toward the end of Malachi, the Israelites question God’s goodness. How could God be good when evil goes unpunished? How can He allow wickedness, and still be a good and just and powerful God? They were questioning the character of God. So, God responds to their accusation with an answer. And that answer is a theodicy – it vindicates God. It shows that God is and will be good and powerful. Particularly, God will be vindicated in the end, when He shows that He does punish evil, that He is just, that He is good, that He loves the righteous. In the end, when the day of the Lord comes and evil is condemned and His people are shown goodness and mercy, God will be seen as beyond powerful and beyond good. I find it interesting that when God’s goodness and power is questioned, His answers is essentially; “Just wait. You’ll see. Be ready.” I think that’s a good theodicy for us. It’s one helpful answer (but not the only possible response), when anyone questions the goodness and power and love of God. Just wait. You’ll see. Be ready. The day of the Lord is coming.

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