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Pastor's Note - September 30

Many of you prayed for me while I was in Denver this last week, serving on the board of Multiply. Thank you for your prayers. For those who don’t know, Multiply is the international missions agency of both the United States and Canadian Mennonite Brethren conferences. Over the last several years, Multiply has gone through some ups and downs – which I can explain in more detail if you ask! But the big takeaway from this last meeting for me was that there seems to be some real positive movement and unity of direction within Multiply. We are currently searching for a new General Director for Multiply, so that remains an item of prayer. And there will be some challenges ahead as we clarify vision and mission. Growth and realignment always come with some pains. That said, there seems to be an encouraging strategic plan emerging within Multiply, with an emphasis on using both missionaries and international leaders partnering together to make disciples and plant churches. It is the partnering with national leaders which may be unfamiliar to some of you. Most of us are familiar with the concept of sending out long-term missionaries to do the work of evangelism and making disciples. More and more, however, we are seeing fruit in the work of partnering with international leaders/servants in their own nations and contexts, and equipping them to do the work of making disciples in their own homelands and contexts. Instead of us North Americans doing all the missions ourselves, we are increasingly working to empower and equip others to do this work among their own people. This also shifts our strategy a bit in what kind of people we want to send overseas. We still want to send out traditional long-term missionaries. But, in addition to that, we are looking to send those who can equip and partner with international leaders, supplying them to do the work of mission. With that shift, we aren’t just looking for young people who may want to give their next 30 years to missionary life. We are also looking for more seasoned Christians, who can mentor and equip others. That may be people who have already had a career in business, but are looking to start their “second career” in missions. Or it may be people who have experience in missions and ministry here in North America, and may be able to take their experience and help equip others internationally. In short, we are looking for all kinds of people, and finding that the Lord may use all kinds of people. If you are interested in how you might be able to serve on mission, talk to me or our missions team! And thanks again for praying!

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