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Pastor's Note - September 21

I think we had a good first round of adult Sunday School. Kirk Carlson taught on a biblical approach to finances, Shaun LePage taught on church planting out of the book of Acts, and I enjoyed leading a study through the book of Esther. I wasn’t able to attend the other classes, but I heard there was lots of good discussion and encouragement. So, I’m excited for the next round, and I hope you’ll consider joining in on a class! In this round, Shaun LePage will teach another course – “How to Share the Gospel” (will meet in the Fellowship Hall). We’ve had a number of conversations at recent family gatherings about the need to improve in our personal evangelism. I expect, then, that this class will be well attended! If you feel a discomfort or lack of know-how in personal evangelism, I would encourage you to jump into this class. Additionally, Eldwin Dunn will be teaching a class on Ephesians (will meet in the basement). This might be my personal favorite epistle, so I’m excited to see what fruit comes from this course, and I know those who take it will be encouraged, especially as Ephesians works through themes of unity with Christ and each other as the people God has saved together. Lastly, I’ll be teaching on the “Five Solas” (will also meet in the basement). This class will unpack the meaning and significance of the Protestant Reformation doctrines of Scripture alone, Christ alone, faith alone, grace alone, and glory to God alone. I anticipate that all classes will be worth your time, and personally and spiritually edifying. I hope you will join us and grow in your knowledge and love of the Lord, and how to follow Him.

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