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Pastor's Note - September 2

The events in Afghanistan have been obviously prevalent in the news lately, and they are truly heartbreaking. The whole event is heartbreaking because it seems, from my limited perspective, that so much of the mess of this could have been avoided. It is heartbreaking because war and strife is itself a reflection of our horribly broken world that desperately needs to be fixed. As we see the ravages of war, we should always be reminded that this world needs a perfect kingdom, and that this kingdom has come and will come through Jesus the King. And, lastly, the news is heartbreaking because of how it affects our brothers and sisters in Christ across the globe. Pastor Jonathan Leeman posted this, an email from his friend in the Middle East, speaking about pastors and Christians in Afghanistan: “Just want to update you. Our guys did not get out. They are in real danger. I am devastated. They are in a hellish nightmare right now. Prayed with them last night. Wept as I thanked them for their lives and faith. Working on options to get them out now. But ultimately my hope, their hope, is in the Lord. They are desperate right now and have communicated directly with me that T----| are looking for them. I can’t believe any of this is real. Lord, have mercy. Pray for them and the days ahead. They are in hiding. Pray for that and for the Lord to make a way.” If you think of it, maybe take some time to pray for the Church around the world, and for those who are going through severe hardships. We can both praise the Lord for the many blessings, and relative ease, we currently experience, and also pray that God would bring peace, comfort, and strength to those in danger and need. Come Lord Jesus. 

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