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Pastor's Note - October 8

Like many of you that I have spoken to, I was very challenged and encouraged by Russ’ sermon from last Sunday. It was a great opportunity to reflect on what I truly love, and where my affections lie. It also provided an opportunity to reflect on our definition of love. It seems to me there is a very clear difference between the worldly/cultural definition of love, and the biblical definition of love. The world’s definition of love is defined by agreement. If you love me, you will agree with me and affirm me. Love is nothing more than positive support and mutual agreement. That is a terribly shallow definition of love! Biblical love is far deeper. Biblical love is defined by sacrifice and seeking the good of the other, even (and maybe especially) in disagreement. Biblical love sacrifices for the enemy. Worldly love says that if you love me you’ll agree with me. Biblical love says that I may not agree with you, but I will die for you. Biblical love isn’t bound by the limitation of agreement. Biblical love transcends such boundaries, and calls us to seek the good of and lay down our lives for the other, even if the other is our enemy. Biblical love is of course rooted in the love of God, who, while we were still enemies, sent His Son to die for us. I thank the Lord that His love is not simply limited to agreeing or affirming, for then He could not be God for us, as He could not affirm our sin and darkness. I thank the Lord His love goes to the depth of loving the enemy. Because God loves the enemy, because God loves the fallen world, He could love us, and reconcile us to Him in His Son.

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