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Pastor's Note - October 21

I’m excited for Sunday. Truthfully, I look forward to every Sunday. But this Sunday will be different, as we gather after the service to talk about the proposed fundraising plan for finishing of the church basement and planting a church. I truly hope you will come and take part in that gathering. And if you can’t make it, that you will submit some feedback through the survey that has been sent out. Either way, I’m eager to hear the voice of the church, which I believe will be the voice of the Spirit of God. I know some of you are thrilled about what we have communicated. Some are cautious or skeptical. Still others have serious questions or concerns. We anticipated all of that – and truth be told I have many questions as well! As we plan, dream, and pray to do things we have never done before, there will be many questions that cannot be answered at the start. I know some may be hesitant to voice opposition or concern (others will have no problem!). My encouragement to you is that you voice whatever questions you have, in some fashion or another. As you do, that will only help us discern and clarify our plans, that ultimately must and will be shaped by God’s hand. The best chance we have at being faithful and successful as a church, in obedience to Jesus, is if we do so as a family in conversation. I’m excited for the conversation on Sunday, and seeing how the Lord moves us along.

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