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Pastor's Note - October 14

My first inclination in this note was, naturally, to talk about our vision to fundraise for the purpose of finishing the CBC basement and planting a church in the next several years. But there will be ample time to talk about that, and I hope you will join us on the 24th for the family gathering, where we will meet as a church for that reason! Instead, I want to take a maybe unexpected turn and talk about our CBC Kids children’s ministry. The reason is simply that I have been very thankful for our volunteers and leaders in that ministry. Having four kids, our family takes full advantage of these ministries, and have lots of opportunities for interaction. And, with four kids, there are naturally many ups and downs on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Our CBC Kids ministries have been encouraging to my wife and I specifically because there has been so much opportunity to talk about each of our kids and how they are handling various situations. Our volunteers have been a sounding board as we observe challenges and growth opportunities for our kids. And they have been partners and teammates as we discern as parents how to train up and raise our kids. As you know, parenting can be difficult! So it is has been hugely beneficial to have partners in that endeavor. I would encourage all of you parents to utilize our kids ministry and volunteers in the same way. Ask them what they see in your kids. Talk with them about how best to encourage your kids. Pray over challenges, and share victories. We have faithful people in that ministry, and they may see things you are not able to see in your kids (“good” and “bad”), or may just help to confirm what you already perceive. And many thanks to all of you who serve in this area, whether in the nursery, Sunday school, children’s church, Awana, Trek, Kicks, or anywhere else. We praise the Lord for you, and pray the Lord will continue to use you to bless the children and youth of CBC.

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