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Pastor's Note - November 9

I was talking to a retired pastor in our church, and he told me the story of once listening to a pastor preach on submission. The sermon may even have been 1 Peter 3:1-7… and now that I think of it, it may have been him preaching the sermon – I can’t recall the specifics… Anyhow, the pastor talked from the text about how the wife should submit to her husband. And as the pastor began preaching, a woman in the crowd said, “I tried submitting once, it didn’t work.” It’s a pretty funny line. And of course we know that Peter wasn’t just calling for one trial run of submission, but for a pattern of life. But the reality is, it may not “work.” I don’t think Peter is guaranteeing that a submissive wife will win the husband to the Lord each and every time. I do think he is saying it is the best approach a believing wife can take. Beyond that, however, is the reality that winning the husband isn’t the only reason wives are to live lives of submission. The other and more significant reason is because doing so is the way of godly women throughout history. Wives are to submit not only because of the potential practical benefit, but also because this is what godliness requires, and what is precious in God’s sight, as Peter says. In the same way, husbands are to honor their wives and life with understanding not just because that is what will lead to a peaceful home. Generally, speaking, it will lead to a happier home! But it may not always. And the real reason we serve the other in marriage is because this is what a Christian life requires. The cross and call of Christ requires that we do these things, regardless of what the outcome may be. We follow God not because we are convinced “it will work.” Ultimately, we do what God says because it is what is right before Him, and what is precious and honoring to Him. Pragmatism is a dangerous disease, which implicitly (or explicitly) teaches that we follow God only so far as it works for us. Worship and love of Him will do what is right, even if it doesn’t seemingly “work,” simply because our God is worth our devotion, in every season.

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