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Pastor's Note - November 25

One of my great joys in life and ministry is being able to share good resources with people. Possibly my favorite time of the year is Christmas season. So quite naturally every Christmas season I, and others in staff and leadership here, love to think about good resources we can share with you to help you worship during the Christmas season. It’s a season of making good memories. Part of those memories can be times reading, singing, worshiping, praying, or playing at home with loved ones (even better if by a Christmas tree). Good Advent and Christmas resources can help with that. And if I could, I would love for us to be able to hand out multiple good books and music to all in the church. That not being a possibility, I’ll hope you’ll take a look at the Advent Resource Exchange table in the lobby. That table is a place where we can, in the giving spirit of Christmas, give each other resources that have benefited us during Christmas seasons past. Do you have a book that you loved reading to your kids, and want to share that with others? Bring a copy to the table for someone else to use and enjoy! We’ll make sure the table keeps being stocked. And if there is something you think we should make sure to have on there, let us know! Remember, everything that goes on the table is free for you to take! Hopefully that’s a way to encourage all of us to worship the Lord throughout our days this Christmas season.

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