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Pastor's Note - November 12

We’ve got work to do. Specifically, the work of prayer! This is good work – work that unites us in heart and mind to our Father. It is work that restores and rejuvenates. But it is work all the same. And we need to be about this business, because there is much to be done here at CBC. As any church, we have clear mandates from our Lord to be about the business of equipping ministries and ministers, making disciples, and taking the gospel of salvation in Jesus to all those not reconciled to God the Father. The last few months have maybe caused us to slow in this work. I own that personally. But we can’t be slack in this forever. So I’m asking you all to pray. Pray specifically that we would find good administrative help. Pray that we would find good leaders, specifically for our missions team. Pray specifically for our discipleship, as The Discipleship Project resumes its work. Pray specifically that we would raise new elders. Pray specifically that we would have good volunteer leaders who want to shepherd and guide our young people. Pray specifically for people stepping up and wanting to disciple others. Pray specifically for new disciples, and for people to hear and respond to the gospel because of our work. Pray! There is lots of good work to be done.

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