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Pastor's Note - November 11

By now I hope you’ve been informed about our ‘Sowing the Seeds’ fundraising campaign. Letters were placed in your mailboxes at church, and you may also receive a letter sent to your home. We’ll keep talking about it at church over the next few months, as we are truly excited about this venture! As you know, our goal is to raise funds for the basement and for planting a church. That much I hope is clear! But what about some other questions you may have? Allow me to speak to a few, more or less off the cuff.

  • How will the basement benefit us? More classroom and fellowship space will give us far more options for midweek and Sunday morning ministries. I personally look forward to expanding our Sunday School ministry in the years ahead. That should help us better equip and grow CBC.
  • Are we ready to plant a church? Not now! But we believe we are ready to start planning and investing in planting a church, to be launched a couple years from now.
  • Will we be ready to plant a church? We trust by God’s grace we will! We have work to do in order to build toward that point, and we believe God will lead us there by His grace. Even then, no church ever feels truly “ready” to plant. Wisdom, prayer, and faith (as opposed to naivety and blind optimism) will be required.
  • When will be build the basement? That depends on when we receive the necessary pledges. Our overall goal is $800,000, and we will go forward when we have $500,000 pledged. I would love to see us get there by next spring/summer.
  • When will we hire a church planting pastor? That depends on when we receive the necessary funds! Our overall goal for the church plant is $200,000, and we will begin the hiring process when we have received $75,000. I think we can get there by spring/summer.
  • Where will we plant a church? I don’t know! Our church planting pastor and team would prayerfully determine the location, as one of their initial priorities.
  • How can I help? Pray about supporting and giving. And as opportunities come up, seek to be involved – you’ll be needed! Schedule February 6th on your calendars for a fundraising event.
  • How long will the campaign last? The campaign will go through early April. Of course, you may give any time after that, as long as the need exists!
  • What if I have more questions? Talk to your elder, or meet with someone on our fundraising team. The more we can talk about this, the better!

What other questions do you have? We’d love to hear from you!

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