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Pastor's Note - May 26

On Monday, I got the chance to drive over to St. Louis and watch an NHL playoff game between the St. Louis Blues and Colorado Avalanche. It was interesting to note the difference between the live viewing experience, and watching a game on television. I particularly noticed how my perspective was actually limited by the live experience. When you watch a game on television, you get multiple replays and angles of each play. And if it’s a national broadcast, there will be an effort made to be unbiased in presentation. That is not the case when you are live in the arena. Not only are you not shown replays of all the events of the game, but the replays that are shown will tend to paint the home team in a more favorable light. There were multiple offenses from the home team that weren’t shown in a replay on the screens in the arena, while offenses from the away team were shown repeatedly. If you only watched the game from the perspective of the home team, you would get the impression that the away team was far “dirtier” and “cheaper” in their play – because that was what your carefully filtered arena presentation showed you. It was a good illustration of how we can be led astray by the information we take in. If we only watch one news station, or take in news from one source, our very perception of reality may be shifted. If we only talk to one party in a dispute, our perception of the fight will be skewed by that lens. This kind of bias is incredibly difficult to avoid – to the extent that trusting in what is true can at times be difficult. It provokes me to make sure I seek multiple perspectives in many matters. And I am encouraged that we have an infallible source of truth in Scripture. When so much is shaped by perspective, what a gift we have in the firm foundation of truth in God’s Word. It is a comfort to be able to go back to a word that we know is true, and we know will provide reality and a proper perspective at all times. When we feel lost and confused, may we learn to lean on Scripture and find comfort, and our bearings, in its truth.

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