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Pastor's Note - May 12

“How does God prove that all kinds of people can be his gospel people?” That’s been the driving question in Pastor Aaron’s sermons over the past couple of weeks from Acts 9:32-11:30 (this Sunday is Acts 11). Read again Peter’s opening words to Cornelius in Acts 10:34-36: “God shows no partiality, but in every nation anyone who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him.” All people can be restored to God through the “good news of peace through Jesus Christ.”

All people. Jews. Gentiles. Unclean. Sinners. All who repent of sin and trust in Christ’s atoning sacrifice. Even those who have been part of false religion such as Latter Day Saints.

This summer CBC is taking our 4th trip to an MB partner church in Utah. Lakeview Church is a 3-year-old church plant in a predominately LDS/Mormon area. Stansbury Park is about 30 minutes west of Salt Lake City, and last year they launched a 2nd campus in nearby Grantsville. Over their first 3 years, they’ve been front row witnesses to God’s powerful work of transforming lives through the Gospel of Jesus. Their weekly priority is the “guest”: the non-believer, the curious, the person disillusioned with Mormonism and religion of any kind. This month Lakeview Pastor Phil Wiebe reports they plan to baptize 5 more people as an expression of new-found faith in Christ.

It doesn’t come without difficulties and resistance. Last week Phil asked for prayer because they “feel like a prime target of the enemy at the moment” (which of course isn’t a surprise – that’s the pattern we’ve seen in Acts and throughout church history). But the truth remains that God continues to welcome repentant sinners to be his Gospel people…in Olathe, Utah, worldwide!

This summer’s CBC partner trip to Lakeview Church is July 13-19. The purpose is to serve, build on relationships already started, and encourage. Those who go will learn more about Mormonism and its powerful hold on people, while hearing testimonies of God’s grace in saving people. Our team will fill needs at their church campout that weekend, at Sunday services, and more.

If you are interested in participating or learning more about the trip, come to the “Utah Interest Meeting” in the Fellowship Hall at 10am this Sunday (right after Sunday School). If you can’t make it Sunday, email me this week at rfriesen@cbckansas.org. Not everyone can or should go on this trip…but some should. At a minimum, pray for Lakeview Church and all who are actively proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus. The Lord continues to transform people like you and me to be his Gospel people!

Pastor Russ

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