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Pastor's Note - March 24

As we prayerfully plan and prepare toward a church plant, one of the most frequent questions is “Where are we going to plant?” The honest and shortest answer is simply; “We don’t know.” In theory, we could plant a church anywhere in the world, and we would not want to put any limits on where the Lord might lead us to plant. I say this honestly. I know of several churches involved in planting churches overseas. So I don’t consider anywhere to be outside of the realm of possibility. That said, most likely we will plant within or around Johnson County. I was talking with somebody today about how the Spring Hill area is growing rapidly. I know of one church being planted in that area—but with the rapid growth, there will be room and need for more. Very likely, we will search for an area that has low ration of churches-to-people. We will seek to find a place where a gospel light is needed. Also, you may ask when we will determine a location. Our plan is to begin looking for a location once we have hired a church planting pastor, and that pastor has begun to build a planting team. The team, led by the pastor, and guided by CBC leadership, will together seek the Lord’s will in finding a location in need of a Jesus-proclaiming church. We are confident that somewhere in the area, another church that will preach the good news of Jesus is needed. Would you be in prayer toward that end?

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