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Pastor's Note - March 2

I have a shocking confession to make: I don’t know my Bible perfectly. Like anyone, I have ample room for growth in my understanding of God’s Word. This was driven home to me as I took part in a preaching conference/workshop last week. The workshop covered 2 Timothy, and all the participants prepared outlines of passages from 2 Timothy. In the breakouts sessions of the workshop, we would present our outlines of various passages, and have them evaluated by a leader and our peers. In preparation for the conference, several of us who helped lead the breakout sessions got together and presented our own outlines. All of these leaders were seasoned pastors and Bible teachers. And all of us got our outlines picked apart, somewhat mercilessly. All of us missed things in the text that should influence the way we interpret and teach it. All of us were sharpened by the insights of others, especially the primary teacher of the workshop, who had spent much time in 2 Timothy. It was a good and humbling experience, knowing that we all have room to grow in our knowledge, interpretation, and teaching of Scripture. That is true for all of us, and I encourage us all not to grow dull in our Bible reading. Keep reading and studying, and you will find new insights. To that end, I would encourage you to join us for Sunday School. That’s a time where we can sharpen our understanding of God’s Word. Cole is continuing to lead a great class on a theology of religions, and this week will be talking about “universalism.” If you don’t know what that is or how to address that biblically, that would be worth your time. On the other side of the church, Mike Bullok just wrapped up a walk through of the New Testament, and this week I will be starting a new class on angels and demons. Should be fun! What other Sunday School classes would you like to see? Next year, with all the new classroom spaces, I’m excited to see what kind of equipping and classes we can offer. I’m pretty sure I will teach at least one class on Bible interpretation, knowing that we all have room to grow.

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