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Pastor's Note - March 11

Resurrection Sunday is on its way! For a number of patently obvious reasons, I’m particularly excited for Easter this year. On that Sunday will make a temporary move to two services in order to open up greater space. So I anticipate Easter Sunday will serve as a great day for many to return to gathered worship of Jesus our King. There should be plenty of space in the worship service, our mask mandate will still be in effect, and we will try to do all we can to make everyone comfortable. To be a little forward, I expect most of our church to be in attendance. Beyond that, I anticipate many will bring others to church on Resurrection Sunday. Easter is a good day to bring people to our worship service, and that will be true this year as well. I plan on preaching a biographical message on the life of Christ, that answers the question, “Who is Jesus?” My prayer is it will be illuminating for those who don’t know Jesus, and encouraging for those who do. Our goal is to make that Sunday a great day of celebration, rejoicing in the fact that Jesus lives and reigns. Will you pray toward that Sunday, and consider joining us?

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