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Pastor's Note - June 2

This Saturday is the annual Advice and Aid “Walk for Life.” It takes place at their Overland Park office (10901 Granada Lane), at 9am. The purpose of this is not to protest anything in any way, but to fundraise for Advice and Aid, publicly demonstrate an advocacy for life, and to pray for our larger community. Our family plans to be there, so hit us up if you will be walking! If you want more information about it, visit their events web page at https://adviceandaid.com/partner-with-us/events/. There you can find a link to their “Walk for Life” site, where you can register and donate. One of the things we love about Advice and Aid is that they are a ministry devoted to the health of the whole family – child, mother, and father.

This is an especially significant season to be engaged with ministries like Advice and Aid, as there is an upcoming vote in Kansas on what is called the “Value them Both” Amendment. You may have seen this promoted in various places around town. Here are some basic points about the issue and the vote, which were sent to me from our district minister:

  • In 2019 the Kansas Supreme Court found an unlimited right to abortion in our Kansas Constitution. All laws constraining abortion are now presumed to be unconstitutional and specifically late-term abortions are now a constitutional right in Kansas.
  • In order to reverse the Kansas Supreme Court’s decision and ensure that our state can continue to regulate the abortion industry, a Constitutional Amendment is required. The “Value them Both” Amendment was created and has been approved by both the Kansas House and Senate. The final step to secure its passage is for the people of Kansas to Vote “Yes” with a majority 50% plus 1. 
  • According to the abortion industry’s most influential attorneys, Kansas has become “a haven state for the Midwest” for unlimited abortion. Passage of the “Value them Both” state constitutional amendment on August 2, 2022, is the way to protect women and babies in the heartland from this predatory industry.
  • The vote is on August 2, 2022. Early voting starts on July 13, 2022.

According to one pastor familiar with the issue, “the recent US Supreme Court ruling will not effectively give Kansans the right to legislatively choose what kind of abortion limits can be imposed in Kansas. The KS Supreme Court ruling will make it difficult to pass restrictions on abortion once the issue is handed back to the states by the US Supreme Court (if that is actually what happens).” If you have more questions about the amendment, or the current Kansas Supreme Court ruling that is currently in effect and which prohibits ability to place limitations on abortion, then definitely listen to this podcast, hosted by local pastor and friend Micah Hayes, and features Brittany Jones, one of the authors of the “Value them Both” amendment. Give it a listen if you want to learn more about the vote on the proposed amendment.

BVBC Pastor Speak Podcast: Why Is the ‘Value them Both’ Amendment Important?


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