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Pastor's Note - July 7

Sunday evening (10th) is our annual July Family Gathering. Traditionally we’ve held these meetings during lunch right after the service, so as to not make people make two trips during the day to church. However, we also know that makes for a very long Sunday morning, especially for kids (and adults) who need naps! So we are experimenting with meeting in the evening, and providing a light meal, so that all can rest at home and come refreshed. We do hope you will come and participate, especially as we present a budget proposal for the year ahead. We will also give some ministry updates – but the most important element of our gathering is the interaction we have over questions and comments and praises. These gatherings are valuable opportunities for fruitful discourse, and discerning the Lord’s will for the church. You can prepare for the gathering in a few ways. Frist, review the budget sent out via email. Second, think about what kind of ministry you would like to see at CBC next year, and what kinds of ministries in which you might want to engage. How do you want to see the Lord work at, in, and through CBC? Third, and most importantly, pray! Pray that God would guide and lead us, and that we would all be humble to listen to one another, and most of all be discerning to know His will. Many thanks in advance for your participation, and we look forward to seeing you at the gathering!

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