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Pastor's Note - July 29

It’s great to be back at church! I want to say a huge thank you to all of you for allowing me and my family this time of sabbatical. A great deal of this time was used to simply connect with my wife and kids. Throughout the course of the last six years, there have been many nights and weekends where I have had to sacrifice time with them for the sake of work and ministry, so it was great to give some time back. And as I said at the family gathering, it was hugely beneficial to be able to turn off that part of my brain and heat that is taken up with things of the church. That piece never really gets turned off in the normal course of life. The rest and time away was hugely beneficial. It took a good number of weeks to reach a point where the angst and tension had left, and I reached somewhat of a “baseline.” It has taught me that I probably have carried too much of this, and have not always kept a healthy schedule or rhythm. So that will be one of my priorities as I return. I want to be a pastor who truly rests in the Lord – and I would love to be a church that knows how to rest well in Him. I also had to learn how to rediscover a love for study and research. That took me a few weeks of sabbatical to regain! Now I find myself very excited to study and prepare for preaching and teaching in the days and months ahead. Will have to shake off the cobwebs first. As I said earlier, thanks to you for allowing me and my family that opportunity to rest. And many thanks to the elders who filled in for me, especially in preaching and leading on Sunday mornings. I am incredibly grateful for this church and its leadership. Excited for the days ahead.

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