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Pastor's Note - July 20

I write this as we prepare to leave Stansbury Park, UT and head back to Olathe, KS. For those who don’t know, a group of us from CBC have been in the Salt Lake City area, ministering to and connecting with Lakeview Church – a sister church in our denominational family. A few years ago, we began a relationship with this church, and have sought to partner with them in their ministry in this area, and have ourselves been encouraged by their heart for evangelism and church planting – desiring to see people know and believe in Jesus Christ. I’ve been encouraged by a couple things in particular. First, I’ve been encouraged by our team and their service and ministry to the people here. And not just this year. For several summers, we have sent people to this church who have developed relationships and served and loved the people here. And these relationships have now developed to the point that many here are wondering when they can come and help minister to us. They especially are interested in how they might assist us in planting a church. I’m excited by what might happen in that regard. Second, I’m encouraged by the relational evangelism being done through Lakeview Church. By God’s grace, they have been able to be a safe harbor and place of healing for many who have been hurt, displaced, or dispirited by the LDS religion. Mormonism is a religion in which acceptance is gained by good behavior and outward morality. This is known as legalism, and is a kind of false gospel. Legalism communicates that we are only loved and accepted so long as we perform and behave as we ought. It’s a corruption of the gospel, and a hallmark of many false religions. Some who have been beaten down by rigid legalism are finding love and grace at Lakeview. It’s a joy to see God at work here, just as the Lord is at work at CBC. Expect to hear more from our trip in the days ahead!

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