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Pastor's Note - July 13

I don’t know about you, but I thoroughly enjoyed the first CBC Summer Shindig last Saturday (and the Sunday worship the next morning). I think we’ll have to do it again next year, and I’m already thinking about some tweaks and adjustments and additions to make it even better. But I do want to take some space to thank all those who helped make it happen. First of all, thanks to all of you for showing out and bringing food, friends, and fun! The vibes were great, and everyone came in good spirits. So thanks to all of you (and congrats to winners Kim Gerbrandt, May Blank, Rolanda Dunn, and Norah Halvorsen)! Thanks to the planning team, which included Maggie Halvorsen, Katie Dick, Deana Funk, Kris Gerbrandt, and a few others. If I may say so, special thanks to Maggie, who basically took on a part-time job for a couple weeks to make it happen. Thanks to Katie and her kitchen team who did a ton of organizing and cleaning. Thanks to Russ and Belinda Ewy and Pam Frase for helping out with games. Thanks to Rustin Hiebert for being our emcee extraordinaire. Thanks to Byron Funk for getting us set up with sound and music. Thanks to Thad and MaryJo Swann for setting up their inflatable water slide, and especially for monitoring the kids for hours without taking breaks. They deserve a prize for that. Thanks to Kyle Becerra (pie-eating champ) for helping get the bouncy house setup, and for helping with setup in general, along with Christopher and Eldwin Dunn and a few others. Thanks to Larry Vail for doing a ton of cleanup. Thanks to Andrea Haley and Mallory Dick for being our soda baristas (is that a thing?) and keeping us well-sugared for hours. Thanks to Adam Brickner for running the cornhole tournament (and congrats to winners Jered Jerome and John Greathouse). Thanks to Ted Conrad and Tim and Karen Hoffman and others for setting up the tent. Thanks to judges Byron Funk, Shaun LePage, Christopher Dunn, Andrea Haley, Kirk Carlson, and Russ and Belinda Ewy. I know I didn’t catch everyone, and many others pitched in with small and large contributions. But this should give some idea as to how many helped to make it happen. I think it was well worth the effort.

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