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Pastor's Note - January 6

On Sunday, Josh Lewis in his wonderful sermon asked if any of us were the type to make resolutions for the new year. I think Maggie and I were two of only a few who raised their hand in the affirmative. Truth be told we don’t normally write out strict resolutions for ourselves, but we do tend to use the opportunity to take stock of where we are, and reflect on what we would like to focus on in the year ahead. Often these come with the normal kinds of emphases – health, spiritual goals, reading lists, etc. And we certainly have some of those goals for this year. But one of our focuses for this year is a little different. We have been compelled that we would like to focus on cultivating and growing in joy. We asked what that would look like particularly, and we’re honestly not fully sure. But hope and pray to find out along the way. Like many of you, the last several years have been stretching and challenging for us. In such seasons, it is easy to take on postures of discouragement and tension, while losing a heart of gratefulness and joy. I don’t think a disposition of joy gets instilled in us automatically, and it is something that can be lost. So we have decided we want to be intentional about pursuing joy. And considering the world that struggles and rages around us, an attitude of joy may be a great countercultural witness. A joyful church would be and is a great light in our community. So that is one of our resolutions this year. We want to be joyful people, come what may, because we know in all things our God is sovereign, saves, and works good for those who love Him. We’re not entirely sure what joyfulness looks like in each and every circumstance or aspect of our life and family, but we hope and pray God will grant us an increased joy as we seek it in Him.

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