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Pastor's Note - January 20

As with everywhere else, Covid has definitely been widespread throughout our church. As I mentioned last Sunday, I and we are thankful for the fact that this latest variant seems to be less life-threatening. That said, it is still quite a pain, as many have truly gotten sick and the sheer number of infected people has caused a strain everywhere. And of course, that includes CBC. Because of the simple number of cases and exposures, we are simplifying and streamlining our ministries for the next couple of weeks. Our Sunday morning service will continue as (relatively) normal, while streaming the service so those quarantining can watch at home, or in the fellowship hall. And we will continue to offer children’s church and nursery during the service – our volunteers are happy and able to meet that need! But for the next two weeks, we are canceling Sunday School for all ages, and Awana will meet through zoom. Our midweek middle school (KICKS) and high school (TREK) ministries may meet virtually as well – please connect with your leaders for updates. And please connect with ministry leaders for any other program updates! We hope this momentary pause and adjustment will help us get through the peak of the spread. And as we are in the midst of that, we encourage everyone to take proper precautions. On a personal note, we had Covid in our home this week, and I will be finishing my five-day quarantine on Saturday, per CDC guidelines. Thankfully, like many, our symptoms were mild (slight fever and aches) on Tuesday, and are resolving. I do appreciate those who were and are praying, and those who continue to pray for one another. I have thought many times how much more difficult these two years would have been without a loving church community. In a church, there may be a variety of opinions about how we should proceed in a never-before-experienced pandemic, and that can certainly challenge and even frustrate from time to time. But without that same church, I and my family would have felt so much more alone, defeated, and discouraged. The church has lifted us up. At the same time, the church has kept us low – in a good way. Other faithful Christians have humbled me by helping provide feedback and correction and differing opinions. I think I would have been both more discouraged and far more arrogant – more set in my ways and assured of my correctness – without the church. I thank the Lord that He has caused me and us to walk through this time together, forcing us to listen to one another and learn. I hope your experience has been much the same. If it hasn’t, I wonder if it may mean you need to somehow reengage with parts of the church you’ve been ignoring? Maybe as we get through this season we can develop a fresh love of the unity and diversity we have in Christ our Lord. And let’s continue to pray that He both keep us healthy and holy and humble in Him.

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