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Pastor's Note - February 4

This Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday, once again with our Chiefs playing. I’ll admit that football is not my sports first love, but I still plan on watching and enjoying the game, and all the festivities that accompany. And anticipating Sunday reminds me of the inherent goodness in enjoying the little things in life. As Paul reminds us, asceticism (severe self-discipline and deprivation of enjoyable things) is of no spiritual value (see Colossians 2:16-23). Rather, God gives good gifts such as food, fellowship, and even sports for our enjoyment. I believe the author of Ecclesiastes 9:7-10 is serious when he encourages us to enjoy such good things in life, since the days are short. Of course, we have all sorts of Scripture warning us about not letting such things become idols, or lead us into sin. We cannot disregard those, or make idols out of God’s gifts to us. Equally, we should not disregard the truth that God gives us all good things to enjoy, just as He gave Adam and Eve every good tree for food, save one. He gives us such gifts for our enjoyment, and ultimately that we may look to Him and give Him praise, and know Him as a good, gracious, and generous God (see James 1:17). And, the days are hard. When the days are difficult and long and arduous, the good things in life are even more to be savored. So, my pastoral encouragement to you is to relish in the fun things this week. Praise God for His unending mercies and gifts. Rejoice always. And of course go Chiefs.

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