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Pastor's Note - February 25

This Sunday, after the service, we have our “Family Gathering” (some churches call them business meetings), which we aim to start right about noon. It occurred to me today that a number of CBCers are relatively new, and haven’t been around for a Family Gathering in pre-Covid days. So you might not know what to expect! Here are the basic details, in case you are wondering. We have two Family Gatherings each year; one in February and one in July. At the July gathering, we generally vote on our budget proposal, discuss ministry plans for the next year, and vote on any other matters that may be necessary, such as leadership offices or ministry initiatives. At the February gathering, we generally give updates on ministries over the last year, talk about the general state of the church, and potentially vote on any pressing matters (there will be nothing requiring a vote on Sunday). And we open up time for questions and open forum discussion at each gathering, which is a crucial reason for these gatherings. Generally speaking, the July gathering looks to the plan for the next year, and the February gathering assesses where we are now. Under normal conditions, our Family Gatherings are accompanied by a wonderful meal together. Obviously, we were not able to do that last summer, and again be without a meal Sunday (though snacks will be available!). Hopefully this summer we will be able to eat together again, as that is such a wonderful component of our fellowship. Our Family Gatherings are generally open to all who want to attend, and we especially want our members to participate. We think this is a big part of being the church together! My heart and goal with each gathering is that we fulfill the spirit of Hebrews 10:24, that we “stir up one another to love and good works.” Hope you will join us Sunday, in person or online.

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