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Pastor's Note - February 17

Next week, those who call CBC home will be emailed our annual ministry reports. While I admit these reports may seem a little dry, I hope you will take the time to read through them and see how the Lord has been good and faithful to us this year. We still have many challenges, and many areas that need growth. We have not yet reached perfection! But if you take the time to read through the reports, I hope you will find that behind them are people who are serving the Lord together, and serving one another in sacrificial love. If you have eyes to see, I think you will see the church at work, and the Spirit of God active through His people. So my ask of you is that you would prayerfully read the reports. Ask yourself what strikes you and interests you. What stirs your heart and affection for God? What concerns you? What drives you to prayer? What beckons you to serve and invest in ministry and the lives of others? What do you think you could contribute? What ministries make your heart happy and glad? What ministries and ministers have benefited you? What people do you think might need encouragement? Where might you need to call someone else to serve, or delegate ministry to someone else? What questions would you like to ask an elder or pastor? Would you please thoughtfully read the reports, and see how the Lord might stir up your heart and mind? You never know what the Lord might do as you consider the ministries and ministers of the church.

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