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Pastor's Note - December 16

Sunday’s sermon from Philippians 2:1-4 dealt a lot with the topics of unity and humility. In it, I proposed several diagnostic questions that may help determine whether you struggle with self-centeredness, and need to grow in humility. Those were just some questions I pondered that certainly apply to me, and I thought may help others. I also noted that the list wasn’t exhaustive. So, I have been thinking, and I came up with a few more questions that might tell you whether or not you struggle with pride, vanity, and self-centeredness:

  • You are glad this text about the need for humility doesn’t apply to you.
  • You don’t return your shopping cart to the stall in the parking lot.
  • You rush to get in line first at the church potluck.
  • You text and talk during the movie at the theater.
  • You recline your seat back when flying (unless in first class).
  • You eat more than two donut holes during the fellowship time at church.
  • You still have a grudge against that kid in second grade.
  • You wonder why no one at church sings as well as you do.
  • You get really mad when people take your gift during the white elephant gift exchange.
  • You have that sly little smirk on your mouth. You know the one.
  • You go through the express checkout with more than 15 items in your cart.
  • You get upset at people who don’t follow you back on social media.
  • You are over 20 and still throwing birthday parties for yourself.
  • You probably think this note is about you.

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