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Pastor's Note - August 4

Let us not grow weary in doing good. That is Paul’s admonition in Galatians 6:9. I’ve been reflecting on this and was compelled by the obvious implication – we very well may grow weary in doing good. Paul warns against this fatigue in doing good, because he knows very well that doing good doesn’t always come easy. It comes with trials, pushback, roadblocks, stresses, discouragements, and oppositions. Doing good in a fallen world is hard work, and isn’t always immediately rewarded. For example, we may be discouraged by the results of elections, and wonder why we keep engaging with the process. We might grow weary in doing good when it seems like the good thing and right thing is rarely popularly accepted. As another example, I have become aware of recent cyberattacks, specifically aimed at Christian ministries, in response to the Dobbs decision/overturning of Roe v Wade. That is incredibly discouraging, and we may be increasingly exhausted by the pervasive wickedness around us. So many Psalms voice the same kind of exasperation, like 12:8, wherein David laments; “On every side the wicked prowl, as vileness is exalted among the children of man.” David knows the world is a place of evil, in which it is difficult to live a life unto God. All that to say, if you’re feeling discouraged by the state of the world, or the presence of evil without and within, then the Spirit-inspired Scriptures know how you feel. David knows the exasperation, and Paul speaks to the reality of growing weary. He admonishes us; “Let us not grow weary in doing good…” Why? “…for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” Do not fret. It will not be this way forever! One day, by God’s grace, the good done in and through us will be rewarded by our faithful King. Press on in His grace and righteousness.

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