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Pastor's Note - August 31

Last night was our first ever Wednesday evening prayer service. Here are some thoughts and reflections, in no particular order. 1) It was a joy to come to church as a family on Wednesday night, for all of us to be engaged in ministering or receiving ministry. Wednesday nights used to be somewhat disruptive and disjointed as one of us would drop off the kids while the other stayed home. We greatly enjoyed being able to be engaged as a family. We even came early (about 5:30) to eat dinner together, along with a few others from church. Anyone who wants to join us is welcome to bring dinner and eat with us! 2) The noise in the basement wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it might be. We could hear the air conditioner, but we heard virtually nothing from the kids upstairs in the worship center. Kudos to the construction crew and building team. 3) The prayer service itself was a blessing. We’ll make tweaks along the way and try different things, certainly. But this was a great start, and I was encouraged by those who came to seek the Lord in praise and petition. I am excited to see how the church benefits and the Lord shows His goodness to CBC through this prayer service. In his own church, Charles Spurgeon felt the prayer meeting (along with those that prayed on Sunday mornings for the service) was the true engine of the church. My hope and trust is that an increased emphasis on prayer will increasingly fuel the ministries and people of CBC.

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