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Pastor's Note - August 18

This sermon series has been a rewarding challenge for me as I’ve prayed, studied, and tried to communicate how to answer some of the common objections to Christianity. We haven’t been able to answer every question about every topic, but I hope we’ve at least demonstrated where we can go to Scripture to begin to address common concerns – and deal with some of the more difficult portions of Scripture. My heart has been that we would let God’s Word speak for itself, and not cover up or brush aside anything that might challenge us. I am convinced we need to hear most the parts of Scripture that most challenge us. With that in mind, we are coming toward the end of this series with one of the more heated objections of our day. In two Sundays, Eldwin will cover the topic of science and the Christian faith. Before that, this Sunday we will address the topic of homosexuality and transgenderism, and some of what Scripture has to say about the modern LGBTQ movement. If you think of it, pray for all of us as we gather on Sunday, as we will need the Lord’s help. Also, I wanted to give a heads up to parents with younger children, as this may stir up some conversations in your own home. On Sunday, I will be careful not to be too graphic as we talk about these things. However, I will need to be direct as we talk about things like same-sex attraction, gender, and sexuality. So, I would love for you to pray and prepare as to how you may talk to your children about these things, as they may have questions! And know that these kinds of conversations don’t just happen once or twice – these ought to be ongoing conversations about how God made us, what He made our bodies for, and the purpose and goodness of sexuality. Don’t be overburdened if you don’t get it all right on the first try. The most important thing we can do is create space for ongoing trust and dialogue. And know that God has given your children to you for a reason. You will know best how to have these conversations, and what kind of detail is appropriate at each age and stage of life. Let me know how we can partner with you as we seek to raise our kids with patience, truth, grace, conviction, and love – not provoking to anger, but bringing them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.

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