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Pastor's Note - August 17

I was talking to Josh Lewis on Sunday and he helped me make a connection that I maybe should/could have made in my sermon on Sunday. He connected our partnership with Advice and Aid to the call for justice that is found in Malachi 3. Malachi promises justice through the Messiah. This justice will come in two basic ways, which generally correspond to two distinct times. The Messiah Jesus will bring restorative justice in His first coming by providing justification and purification for repentant sinners. In His second coming, the Messiah will bring retributive justice through judgment upon those who have violated God’s law (and have not found grace in the cross). The list of punishable sins includes oppression of workers, the widows, and the orphans. It is clear that God cares about the vulnerable among His people. He demands that those who have much not abuse those who have little. Clearly, we are to reflect God’s heart for the vulnerable – for the widow and orphan. Advice and Aid does exactly that kind of ministry. They seek justice and care for the weak and the hurting. It is why I am happy we partner with them, and that they are an extension of our ministry. If you want to be involved with this kind of justice and care ministry, let us know. We’d be happy to get you connected.

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