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Pastor's Note - August 11

As we’re entering into the fall season, and the schoolyear starts up, you may be working into new rhythms and patterns in your weekly calendar. As you plan your weeks, you may also be determining where you want to relationally ministerially (not sure that’s a word) invest in this next season of life. And you may wonder where you could plug in at the church. If you’re wondering specifically how to plug in at CBC, I’d suggest a few things. First, consider participating in 242 Groups. These are our small groups, which meet weekly and focus on fellowship around the Word. These are great places to regularly connect with others and discuss things of life through the lens of Scripture. You’re going to hear more about those in the coming weeks! Second, I would recommend discipleship groups. These are groups of 3-4 people meeting regularly to very intentionally grow in how they follow Jesus. They are decidedly more intentional and intimate than 242 Groups. We’ve had a few people engaging in discipleship groups, and we’re encouraged by the fruit we’re seeing the Lord work in those. If you are interested in discipleship groups, please let me or Dale Franz know, and we’d love to help you get plugged into one. Third, I would recommend serving at CBC in some capacity. That could be in individual events (like the upcoming Trunk and Treat in late October), or more regularly serving in something like Awana, worship, greeting and ushering, grounds upkeep, nursery, or some other regular/weekly ministry. Fourth, a good way to connect is simply attending CBC ministries and events. For example, we have a church planting town hall coming up on August 28th. That’s a good way to not only see what we’re doing at CBC, but also rub shoulders with others at the church. Or, you could attend Sunday School and talk with others as we dig into specific topics and books of the Bible. All these are ways to connect, and I hope you’ll prayerfully consider how to invest in the lives of others. I know that we are praying about that in our home, and praying that we can both invest in the lives of others in the church, while also reaching out to friends and neighbors with the gospel. That’s a lot to consider, so my prayer is we will all walk as the Lord truly leads, by His grace.

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