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Pastor's Note - April 21

This last Easter weekend was a joy, and Sunday morning was the highlight for me. I don’t think it was just that the building was fuller than it’s been in years. Much more than that, it was full of people worshiping. It was full of friends and family that you all invited to come be with us. Even more, it was full of people serving one another, and taking their time to help one another give praise to God, and fellowship with one another. I think that’s what made this weekend so joyful – it was made possible by the church serving together. To name some names, and maybe embarrass a few… Kirk and Brenda Carlson did a ton of work behind the scenes setting up food and communion and coffee. Adam Brickner was baptized and shared with us his story of choosing to follow the Lord. That was made possible by Keith Worrel and Dave Lewis setting up the baptismal tank beforehand. Tom and Debbie Hardy helped drape the cross in cloth. Our musicians put in a ton of work to rehearse and lead us in praise (shout out to Adam Worrel and Benjamin Friesen on the trumpets). Hannah Hiebert helped pass out bulletins. Thad Swann did a remarkable job greeting people and holding umbrellas for those walking out to their cars. Byron Funk, Ted Conrad, and Derek Stutzman continued to help us greatly in the sound booth. Kathy King organized a wonderful Easter breakfast, and many, many of you brought food to share. Kris Gerbrandt and a team of people served our kids during the Sunday School hour. Larry Vail, as always, got our rooms set up for us. Others served in the nursery. Others greeted. Others (Dannie Funk and Walt Jost, namely) helped make the grounds look good. I know others put in efforts that I’m failing to mention here – and served in ways I didn’t even see. All that to say, this was a total team effort. And the result of that is always glorious. We had a church full of people praising our resurrected Lord, Jesus, who is worthy of honor and praise. Thanks to all of you who made it happen. I say we do it again next Sunday.

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