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Pastor's Note - April 15

Someone recently made me aware of how perfectly applicable the last few chapters of Romans are to our day and time. That’s no surprise. It’s God’s Word, after all, so it is always applicable. Yet even relative to other parts of Scripture, Romans carries a certain weight and gravitas. And Romans 12-16 are particularly suited to address us now. Following the theological and gospel groundwork Paul establishes in Romans 1-11 – speaking to our universal need of salvation and the equal access to God and grace we have in Christ – Romans 12-16 speaks to how to apply the truth of the gospel of Jesus. What does the truth of the gospel have to say to our life together as a church? I think Romans 12-16 has quite a bit to speak to us! So, over the next few weeks I plan to spend some time in devotional thought and prayer over these chapters in Romans. I invite you to do the same if you are so inclined. Then, in this space, I’ll share some of my thoughts as to what we should be considering as we live as a church. My hope and prayer is we will be prompted by God’s Word to live more Christlike lives together, to the praise of His glory. Maybe you’ll join me in that endeavor!

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