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Pastor's Note - April 13

This week I want to happily announce a staffing change/update. Recently, Laura Younger expressed a desire for a reduced role so that her primary vocation would be in service to her young family. While we have been greatly blessed by Laura’s work in the church office, even more so we affirm her and are excited for this change for her and the Younger family. In our minds this is a wholly positive transition. Also, as many of you know, for several months last year Karla Hiebert served in the office to help in an administrative capacity. So, with this new transition, it made sense to bring Karla back on staff indefinitely, and she has been happy to join us. Now, both Karla and Laura will be on staff with separate and complementary roles. Karla will serve part-time as Office Manager, and will be responsible for managing the office and general administration. She is the one you will most often contact and will be contacting you with general church communications. And you will regularly see her when you visit the office, as she will be at the front desk. Laura will now take on the role of Media Coordinator, and will be responsible for designing, creating, and implementing our media communications (bulletin, website, newsletter, etc.). This will also be a part-time role, and she will work from home. Kathy King will continue in her role as Ministry Coordinator, being largely responsible for connecting people to ministries and to one another in the church. All three excel at what they do, have served the church well, and I am confident will continue to do so as they minister in these redefined roles. We are thankful for their gifts, and are blessed by them. Please pray with thanks as we all continue to serve the Lord and His people! And let us know if you have any questions!

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