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Pastor's Note - April 1

What are the implications of the resurrection? Paul tells us if Christ has not been raised, we are still stuck in our sin, and our faith is in vain. The resurrection of Jesus proves that Jesus defeated sin, Satan, and death. If Jesus did not rise from the dead, and if those enemies are not defeated, then we are stuck. We have no hope to conquer sin. No hope after death – death has the final say. And no power against the spiritual powers that war against humanity. The resurrection gives hope. The resurrection also means that sin can be defeated, and we actually have hope to grow in holiness and put away sin. The resurrection means that we, and other people, can actually change. The resurrection of Jesus also means that Jesus is not currently dead, but currently alive and ruling. It means Jesus is not a figure of history, but Lord of the present. It means Jesus is alive now and able to help in trouble and times of need, and able to intercede for us before the Father. The resurrection also means that we do not need to fear death, as death becomes not our final curse, but merely an entry into life with God. Death becomes a blessing for those who die in Christ. The resurrection also means that Christ can and will make everything right in the end, that He will return to fix this world. It means there is a promise of good for the future, a true and genuine hope; even an assurance that all will be well in the end. The resurrection means that Jesus is the great judge with all power and authority, and we owe our allegiance to Him. The resurrection means that the kingdom of Jesus will be one of life and peace. The resurrection is life itself, and in Jesus there is life. We may be discouraged by many things. My prayer is that this Easter season we are able to rejoice in the resurrection.

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