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Pastor's Note - June 16

Next week is VBS, and I find myself looking forward to it a little more than usual. It’s certainly not because I think I will have to take part in a skit… The reason I look forward to it is because this is the first “full/normal” VBS we’ve had in a few years. We’ve got a lot of kids signed up, and may even need a few more volunteers (so let Kris know if you want to help). This means the building will be full and active, and people will be serving together while kids bounce off the walls. All that fills the church with a certain sense of joy. I know there is an incredible amount of work that goes into putting it all together (so thank you to our VBS leaders for their efforts). And the week itself is a whirlwind. But the payoff of people connecting and joyfully serving together – not to mention the potential ministry to our kids – makes it all worth it. That excites me. I know this summer is busy for many, especially as the world tries to pick up and return to a normal summer schedule, and we catch up on long-delayed work events and vacations. So it may be draining for some to commit to serving this week. If that’s you, thank you for taking the time to invest in our kids. My hope and prayer is that as you serve this week, your spirit is lifted as the church does what it was made to do – join together in service to the Lord.

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