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Pastor's Note - April 7

Continuing on to answer questions about our Sowing the Seeds campaign, some have asked whether and for what purpose we need the basement finished. Why do we want to finish the basement? Allow me to answer that with a little bit of dreaming about possibilities. None of these ideas are plans set in stone. These are just some of the possibilities that would be open to us with a finished basement. First, and maybe most obviously, we would have more space on Sunday and Wednesday mornings. I have been really thrilled about our adult Sunday School this year. But if we want to build our adult Sunday School options, and host more than one class, we could really use some more space. The basement would allow that. When I think about it, I start dreaming about building out a fuller curriculum for Sunday School, that could provide a rounded education for adults. But we’d need more space to build that out. On Wednesday nights, the whole building is currently in use, and parents drop their kids off for kids and youth ministries, then leave. With the basement space, we could invite those same parents to classes focusing on parenting. Or we could use the basement during that time to hold a weekly prayer service that all CBCers could attend. Or we could use it for our high school and middle school ministries, giving them more space to use. Maybe before our Wednesday evening ministries begin, we could host a weekly meal for all those volunteering, or even for the whole church, to come and share a time of food and fellowship. According to the proposed plans for the basement, there will also be additional office spaces. We could use this for counseling space, meeting space for those who work remotely, or just for additional staff. I’m excited about what we could do with more space to minister and equip our church. What possibilities can you think of? How else might we use this space, and better minister to and through our church?

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