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Pastor's Note - April 6

We love having guests in our home. It’s an opportunity to serve and make others as comfortable as possible. More than that, it’s an opportunity to display the gospel truth that Jesus welcomes outsiders in and makes them part of the family of God. Hospitality is an expression of the gospel. We’re also awkward, so we don’t always hit the mark. But we make an honest effort. So much of it is about being comfortable, being who you are, and inviting others to come in and do the same. I think that’s key – we don’t try to be people we are not. We do try to love those who are in our home, and we hope to make others feel that they are a part of us.

Anyway, I’m musing on all of this because on Sunday, we will have people in our “home.” Easter Sunday is a wonderful gathering mostly because we are especially focused on the triumphant and good news of the resurrection. There’s joy in that. It’s also a good Sunday because we will have guests and visitors. So, here is my commendation to all of us: Let’s be good hosts. We will, of course, be ourselves on Sunday. We’re not going to have a completely different and unnatural kind of worship service, that in no way reflects who are as a church. That would be weird and inauthentic. Rather, we will worship in much the same way we always do. But, we will also be attentive to the reality that guests will be with us. How can we serve them?

Here are a few thoughts:

  • Don’t crowd the back seats, forcing visitors to come sit toward the front. If you’re a member or attender, you should selflessly seek to sit in more “uncomfortable” areas, so that newcomers aren’t forced to do so.
  • If you can, park on the hill. Leave parking spots open for visitors.
  • Don’t ‘bottleneck’ the entryway and lobby.
  • If you have kids, make sure they aren’t sprinting around corners and running into people. Kids can learn hospitality, too!
  • Greet people warmly, and if they look lost, offer to help them find their way. Maybe even invite them to sit by/near you.
  • Invite someone over to lunch! You never know who may be open to a meal. I think we should do better at this all-around (myself included).

What are some other ways we can Remember that hospitality is a biblical command (and an expectation for elders and leaders). I am thankful we are a warm and friendly church, and I pray we will continue to grow in our hospitality as well! See you Sunday.

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