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Pastor's Note - April 27

This note is a little personal and self-serving: I’d like to ask you all to pray for our family. As some of you know, Maggie is pregnant and we are expecting another child, due in November. We just passed ten weeks, and so far the baby looks healthy. This is good news! But after three consecutive miscarriages, we are nervous. Quite honestly, we are in a strange place emotionally. No matter what happens, we celebrate the life God has formed and given, and know that it is an unequivocal blessing and good thing that life has been created. The creation of life is God’s will from the very beginning. So we rejoice in that. At the same time, it has been difficult to get excited. We can’t help but feel some level of dread, and each checkup/scan brings some anxiety. We trust and know that God will do what is best, and that He can do all things. We also know that in God’s sovereignty, our last three pregnancies ended in heartbreak. So, we exist in a place of both optimism and angst, all the while thanking God for how He has already been merciful and good to us. And along the way, we earnestly ask that you would pray with and for us. I might also request that we all pray for Josh and MJ Lewis, who also are expecting, and I believe are just one week “behind” Maggie and me! The Lord has good things in store for us all, and our hope is we will be celebrating healthy deliveries later this year. Thank you for being a supporting and praying people!

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