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Are You A Judgmental Person?

            Are you a judgmental person? Do you tend to be overly critical of others, while conveniently ignoring your own faults and errors? Last Sunday we took a look at Luke 6:37-42, where Jesus warns of the dangers of judgmentalism. During the sermon, we asked a few questions that might help you determine whether your heart is too critical. Here they are for your review. Consider this a little judmentalism/hypocrisy self-check:

-If a problem occurs, do you immediately assume it is someone else’s fault?

-Do you lash out at people when they don’t behave like you think they should?

-Do you consistently consider other people’s ideas inferior to your own?

-Do you assume the worst of other people’s motives?

-Are you ungracious in responding to other peoples’ mistakes?

-Are you dismissive of other people and their contributions?

-Do you make fun of other people a lot?

-Do you feel awkward when you pay complements to others?

-Is it far more natural to be critical than complementary?

-Do you hold other people’s sins and mistakes against them?

-If someone does something wrong to you, do you remember that wrong and hold it against them, and let it affect the way you treat them?

-Do you think the first step to making this world a better place is if everyone else would get their act together, instead of starting with you?

-Do you hold others to a higher standard than yourself?

-Do you think that other people are more in need of God’s forgiveness than you are?

-Do you think you have it all together?

-Are you very, very concerned about everyone else’s sins?

            Of course, in the final analysis all of us are guilty of this sin. All of us are prone to condemning others in our hearts, while giving ourselves a pass. Notice that Jesus does not say; “If you have a plank in your eye, remove it…” Rather, he says; “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye…” Jesus assumes and knows you have done wrong. Jesus assumes and knows you are a hypocrite. Jesus knows you need a plank removal.

            Thankfully, even though we have earned condemnation from God because of our condemning spirits, we have been spared because Jesus was condemned in our place on two crossed planks. Thank the Lord for His incredible grace! 

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