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Abortion Tough Topics Notes


In case you are interested, the notes for the latest edition in our Tough Topics teaching series should be posted and online now, or very soon, and they can be found in the Tough Topics section of the website. A couple things are worth noting. First, these notes do not really represent any type of official stance or teaching position of CBC. They are simply the product of my thought, and present the perspective of one of your pastors. Second, I welcome feedback, comments, and discussion. If there are points of disagreement, let me know! We may not ultimately agree, or you may end up changing my mind on something, or we may learn something from one another. Either way, I welcome the opportunity to talk about this with you. Third, I realized on Monday morning that it probably would have been hugely beneficial if I was able to get these out a few days before the actual session. So I will try to do that in the future.

Also, I’d like to point out a couple resources that may be worth your attention:

Counter Culture by David Platt.  This is a great book that looks at a number of different hot-button issues, and tries to look at them from a Gospel-centered, Christian perspective. Even if you don’t quite agree with everything he says, Platt will challenge you and make you think about the social implications of the Christian faith.

Christian Bioethics by C. Ben Mitchell and D. Joy Riley. Exactly what it sounds like- a book on Christian bioethics, looking at topics such as organ transplantation, human cloning, stem-cell research, assisted-suicide, as well as abortion. Well worth your time if you’re interested in such things.

Pro Life Answers to Pro Choice Arguments by Randy Alcorn. If you’re looking for a thorough argumentation of a pro life position, I’m not sure if there’s anything better out there. 

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